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The first Emerald Street Literary Festival

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 12th June 2016

Like everyone else I know, I’m deluged with emails, newsletters and press releases from dawn till dusk. But there’s one that arrives at around noon each day that I always look forward to reading. Emerald Street is the daily email from Stylist magazine and it’s packed with great things – book reviews, fashion and beauty recommendations, restaurant reviews and links to thought-provoking features. I’m such a fan that as soon as I spotted that ...keep reading

Friday book review – The Wrong Knickers

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Friday 11th July 2014

Daily Telegraph columnist Bryony Gordon makes me feel very old. Why? Because a scarily long time ago I used to sit next to her mum, Jane Gordon, at the daily newspaper where we both worked. Jane was inordinately proud of her two young daughters, Bryony and Naomi, and used to regale us with stories about them. Countless years later, the little girl I remember as a seven-year-old is a successful journalist herself. Bryony ...keep reading