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The best place to live in the UK

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 1st March 2015

Where is the best place to live in the UK? That’s what the Sunday Times is going to be telling us over the next couple of weeks. Today it was the turn of rural Britain, with the paper listing the top 50 country locations in the UK and declaring that Chagford in Devon tops the lot. According to resident Jenny Wood, the only thing it’s impossible to buy in the village ...keep reading

Summer reads – Mutton by India Knight

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Thursday 29th August 2013

Middle age is a minefield. In my head I still think of myself as 23, even though my children reckon I’m about 123. When I try and impress them with tales of interviewing George Michael and Paul Weller in their heyday (and mine), they roll their eyes and mutter “but they’re so old…” So India Knight is really on to something with her latest novel, Mutton. The second of her ...keep reading