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Lee Child at ChipLitFest 2015

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Sunday 26th April 2015

The Saturday shoppers fell silent as a tall, lean man with closely cropped hair and shades walked through the crowded bookshop and into the morning sunshine. He was instantly surrounded by an adoring crowd of fans, a bit like a literary Mick Jagger. “Was that Lee Child?” I asked the woman next to me. She nodded dreamily. “Yes. He’s my husband’s favourite author but we’re too nervous to go and ...keep reading

Forget happiness lessons – five things that make me happy

Published by Emma Lee-Potter in on Wednesday 28th September 2011

The news that children are being taught how to be happy made me unutterably depressed. Lots of schools across the country (Wellington College in Berkshire for one) are already giving happiness lessons – to help pupils banish pessimistic thoughts and cope with whatever life throws at them. I know the summer’s nearly over (apart from the current mini heatwave) and the economy’s a mess – but surely things aren’t so ...keep reading